Foreign object in the eye, what Should You Do?

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Foreign object in the eye or dust in the eyes is a condition where debris or dirt such as dust, sand, sawdust, fibers, and cosmetic powder. Or even the eyelashes accidentally fly or get stuck on the conjunctiva of the eye. Which those dust particles may cause irritation And if you accidentally rub your eyes, it can cause red eyes. But in general, such dust particles are usually expell by themselves through tears. Dust entering the eyes usually does not cause any serious harm.

Normally, eyelashes function to prevent dust or other particles from entering the eyes. But sometimes dust can accidentally fly or fall into ทางเข้า ufabet your eyes as well. Especially when doing activities such as working, checking the undercarriage of a car, or riding a motorcycle without wearing a helmet or glasses. or being outdoors during strong winds, etc.

Foreign objects such as dust, soil, sand, iron scraps, stone flakes, cement, small pieces of wood, insects, etc., when they enter the eyes, will cause eye irritation, eye pain, tearing, red eyes, and may become infected with gonorrhea. If not treated properly It may cause corneal ulcers or germs may spread into the eyeball. Causes general inflammation of the eyeball causes general inflammation of the eyeball. can cause eye damage.


If there are small pieces of dust not embedd in the eyes, do not rub your eyes. Keep your eyes open in clean water. Or rinse your eyes with warm water. or boric acid solution3 % if the powder is stuck in the upper eyelid. Peel off the eyelid and use cotton, gauze, or a handkerchief to twist the tip to make it sharp and shake out the powder. If the eye is red and inflamed, use drops or smear antibiotic medicine.

If it doesn’t get better or there is debris embedd in the cornea or sclera. give antibiotic sign Then have the patient close their eyes. Use a gauze pad or cotton ball to place on your closed eyelid. Cover the plaster to prevent blinking or eye movement. Then sent to the hospital You may need to put anesthetic drops in your eye. Use the tip of a syringe or eye tool to remove the powder. Then apply antibiotics and cover the eyes. Eye irritation and eye inflammation usually improve within 2-3 days.